Stem Cell & PRP Therapy

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP therapy utilizes blood plasma with concentrated platelets that once activated accelerate the healing properties of the isolated growth factor. 

Stem Cell Therapy

We are now offering Stem Cell Therapy for dogs and cats suffering from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia and other degenerative diseases.  

Stem Cells are the repair cells in the body.  This all natural therapy can lengthen and rejuvenate the quality of life of pets suffering from these diseases.  The stem cells reduce inflammation and pain while helping to re-build bone and soft tissue.  Healing will continue from weeks to months and the benefits generally last eighteen months or more without the need for pain medication.

Adipose Stem Cell Technology does not involve embryonic stem cells.  The procedure uses the animal's own adult stem cells from fat tissue to heal and repair, therefore the method is extremely safe. 

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  • "I have taken my pets (dogs) and cat for the last 12 years to Countryside. Everyone in the place shows concern and caring for my pets well being. They have proven to me over and over that they deserve my loyalty."
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