Kellie Feyereisen

Kellie joins us as our new Practice Manager. She comes to us with many years of experience of management. Kellie is married to her high school sweetheart; Tyler; and they have a son named Brantley.

Of course, no employee is complete here without a pet! Kellie and Tyler have a border collie/blue heeler mix named Bo. Being a mix of collie & heeler you can image the immense amount of energy he has! He is quite the lover and likes to think he’s tougher than he actually is.

Kellie is quite the avid hunter and enjoys fishing, scrap-booking, and any kind of crafty project. She’s recently developed an interest in photography and dabbles in it when she gets the chance.

She enjoys spending lots of time with her family and getting outdoors as much as possible (only when it’s warm though!).

Welcome aboard Kellie!


Simon became a member of the Countryside Veterinary Clinic family in September of 2002. He was found sitting on the side of the road by the Schwans man who picked him up and delivered him to us. He was a rather scraggly, beat-up looking little kitten of 5 or 6 weeks of age. We cleaned him up, treated his little cold and started looking for a permanent home for him. Before one was found, Simon wormed his way into our hearts and took the official position of “Clinic Cat”.

Simon’s main duty as Clinic Cat is making both clients and staff smile, and he fulfills this duty without fail. He fears neither man nor beast – no matter how large the beast may be. He has been known to walk up to 100 lb Rottweilers and sit under their noses.  Simon can also be found napping on any abandoned dog bed, blanket, kennel, or the clothes drier.  A favorite past time is stealing food, and he knows how to open doors in the clinic!


Jared came to the clinic in 2009.  He has a health issue that requires a special diet, and as we were looking for a special new home for him, he made himself at home here!

Jared is a very affectionate cat, and he will tell you what he wants with a special meow.  He is also an expert at quickly occupying any vacated chair.  Jared often spends his lunch hour one at least one person’s lap.  He has his own special bed in the corner of the lab, where he can often be found.  And his bright green eyes are BEAUTIFUL!

And if he’s hungry – which he usually is – he will put his paw on your arm and meow until you give in!

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  • "I have taken my pets (dogs) and cat for the last 12 years to Countryside. Everyone in the place shows concern and caring for my pets well being. They have proven to me over and over that they deserve my loyalty."
    David L. New Richmond, WI

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